4 Thai men, 2 Myanmar women caught sneaking into Mae Sot

SOLDIERS from the 4th Infantry Regiment who are keeping a tight control of the Thai-Myanmar border at Mae Sot district of Tak province today (Dec. 5) caught four Thai men and two Myanmar women just as they had slipped through the border, Amarin TV reported this evening.

While patrolling Tha Sai Luat sub-district of this border province, a team of soldiers spotted some Thai men stealthily crossing the Moei river to the Thai side on a motorboat. 

After they reached the Thai bank they quickly got on to a sedan and sped off with the soldiers following them at a distance. The sedan stopped at a parking lot in a nearby village where the four men got off and were unloading their belongings just as the soldiers approached. However the driver saw them and quickly drove away.

All four men are natives of this border province and have been taken for a coronavirus test and will be prosecuted according to the law.

Meanwhile another team of soldiers caught two Myanmar women just as they arrived on the Thai side at this same sub-district on a motorboat. The two women, who did not have any papers on them, said they thought of jumping into the river but could not swim.

The soldiers seized the motorboat and took the two women to Immigration Police for further legal action.

Ms. Sin In Ngm, 52, a resident of this sub-district said villagers are now very scared because there are many Myanmar workers in this area.

However she has told everyone to wear face mask and all have cooperated in doing so.


Soldiers working hard at stopping people from illegally crossing the border to Mae Sot from Myanmar. Photos: Amarin TV

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