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School or prison? Students forced to wear prison-like clothes all day

DRAWING strong criticism on Thai social media today (Dec. 3) is a composite photograph of two students wearing light brown clothes similar to prison uniform with block letters printed at the back saying “adjusting behaviour”, Sanook.com reported this evening.

The photo was shared on “Lanna Students” webpage, with this being a forum for Chiang Mai high school students to air their political views.

Although the private school was not mentioned, netizens assumed it is the famous private school on Kaew Nawarat road in Chiang Mai city.

Most of the comments by Thai netizens pointed out that this is excessive punishment, doing so humiliates the child and violates children’s personal rights.

Later other students shared photos of themselves being similarly punished, having to wear prison-like clothes all day and then paying a 20-baht laundry charge, for simply turning up in school wearing their uniform and not traditional dress on a Friday.

Sanook.com’s reporter contacted the school’s director about this punishment but failed to get through.

Meanwhile Mrs. Yupin Buacom, head of Chiang Mai’s Provincial Education Office, said each school draws up its own regulations and penalties and if these are approved by the board, they are implemented.

The Provincial Education Department has the duty to supervise the educational standards and assess that the quality is in accordance to what the Education Ministry has set.

She added that this form of punishment has existed for many years but has now come into focus because student groups have come out to exercise their rights and freedom, making calls on various issues.

The office will be checking with this school about the facts about this punishment, she added.


Top: Students punished by being forced to wear a prison-like clothes all day long. Thai headline says, “behaviour adjustment outfit.” Photo: Sanook.com


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