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Protesters hit back by splashing paint on Police HQ sign

THE leaders of the People’s Party demonstrators ended their rally this evening (Nov. 18) after the huge crowd moved to the front of the Royal Thai Police headquarters and splashed paint on the sign and the fence, Amarin TV reported.

The leaders announced that the next appointment is on November 25 without stating where or when.

At 8 p.m. the protesters threw bags of paint and also sprayed paint at the police headquarters sign and fence. This they said is in response to the police having fired tear gas solution cannons at them outside the Parliament yesterday.

The People’s Party volunteer guards warned the protesters to not throw cans within the police compound and to avoid harming a Lord Buddha image there.


Top: The police headquarters sign and fence with a lot of paint on it. Thai headline says, “splashing paint to hit back at police.” Photo: Amarin TV


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