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Pheu Thai MP slits his arm during parliamentary debate

AN UNEXPECTED incident occurred on the second day of special parliamentary session debating the political tensions with a Pheu Thai MP cutting his arm three times to urge Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to hold talks with protest leaders, TV Channel 3 reported this evening (Oct. 27).

Mr. Wisan Techathirawat, Pheu Thai’s MP from Chiang Rai, said in his address that the problem lay with Gen. Prayut alone and he is the one who is in conflict with the protesters.

He urged the Prime Minister to open Government House and let the detained protest leaders come in and discuss their three demands with him.

After that Wisan removed his jacket, rolled up his shirtsleeve, pulled out a knife and slit his arm three times.

He then said he is letting his own blood flow and hoped he is the last example on whether the Prime Minister chooses to be a hero or not.

Parliament staff quickly rushed to give first aid to the MP. They found that the wounds were quite deep so rushed him to Vichaiyut Hospital, with Mr. Chulaphan Amornviwat, Pheu Thai’s MP for Chiang Mai and his son-in-law, going with him.

Wisan’s fellow MP friends said he had intended to cut his arm to demand the Prime Minister’s resignation since yesterday and that the event unfolded very quickly and that is why they were unable to stop him.

Mr. Ubolsak Bualuangngam, Pheu Thai’s MP from Lopburi, said he did hear that Wisan intended to slash his arm yesterday but he did not think it was true.

Of the three cuts, the third cut was the deepest and he bled a lot and was trembling. A Pheu Thai MP who is a doctor did come to help stop the bleeding, he added.

It was later reported that Wisan is now in a safe condition with his three wounds being three millimetres deep and eight centimetres long.


Top: A composite photo showing Wisan cutting his arm and being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Thai headline says, “Slitting his arm in the middle of parliament.” Photo: TV Channel 3


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