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Vendor slaps student for not standing straight when national anthem played

A FEMALE student who was suffering from menstrual pain thus did not stand straight when the national anthem was played within Ayutthaya train station at 6 p.m. yesterday (Oct. 27) was slapped by a vendor who did not believe her, Sanook.com reported this morning.

The incident occurred at this station where the student lay on a bench at the platform with a guardian watching over her.

Soon after the national anthem was played during which the student did not stand up straight an angry middle-aged woman wearing a red T-shirt strode up and told her to get up.

When she did not do so, the vendor verbally abused the student and slapped her even though others around her tried to stop her.

The student went to report the incident to Ayutthaya police station and was sent by Pol. Lt. Col. Wuttiphat Chuaykhid for a medical examination and after which she was interrogated.

The student told the police that she explained to the vendor that she did not stand upright when the national anthem was played because of menstrual pain but the vendor did not believe her. This led to an argument and then physical abuse.

Police at the station then intervened and took the vendor to the station where she is now facing charges as the police had got the student’s medical report.

Mr. Thawiwong Tohthawiwong, leader of the People’s Party in Ayutthaya province, said this incident of violence between people holding different political opinions, regardless of which groups are involved, should not occur in Thai society.

He pointed out that in teaching children one must use reason not force, while adding that his party has a team of lawyers to help students.


Top: The vendor in the red T-shirt abusing the student at Ayutthaya station. Thai headline says, “complaint filed.” Photo: Sanook.com


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