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Prayut refuses to resign, calls for reconciliation

PRIME MINISTER Prayut Chan-o-cha refused to buckle under the pressure mounted by a wave protests and close to the 10 p.m. deadline set for him to resign refused to do so, Thai Rath newspaper reported this evening (Oct. 24).

Speaking at 9.12 p.m. after attending a prayer ceremony at Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkalaram temple together with his wife, Mrs. Naraporn Chan-o-cha, cabinet ministers and the general public, Gen. Prayut said his government is sincerely solving problems and cannot resign right now because the country is beset by an economic crisis.

He called for reconciliation and urged all sides to join together and hold talks.

It was after the prayers while casually walking around and greeting people that he confirmed he was not stepping down upon being urged not to do so.

Gen. Prayut later told reporters that his is a government for all sides and as Prime Minister he is not competing with anyone with the government being duty-bound to take care of all groups of Thais.

He urged everyone to turn around and start discussing and reconciling.

He added that every problem can be solved if there is a real intention to do so and the government is determined to solve these problems.


Gen. Prayut greeting people and talking to the press after the prayer ceremony. Photos: Thai Rath


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