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Chuan puts the brakes on tight control of Parliament during special session

THE President of National Assembly has halted a move to impose stringent control of the Parliament during the two-day extraordinary session starting tomorrow even though some groups are expected to stage rallies there, INN News reported.

Mr. Chuan Leekpai, the National Assembly head, cancelled the security action plan by pointing out that Parliament is not a controlled area, said Dr. Sukit Atthapakorn, adviser to the president of the House of Representatives.

He admitted that security forces had held a meeting to map out plans on imposing a strict control and ensure orderliness at the Parliament but these have now been shelved.

Chuan had instructed that the security be beefed up to a certain level only during the key two-day session.

This is because he believes the parliamentary system would be able to resolve the country’s problems better than other means.

Sukit added that Chuan hoped the protesters will understand that the both  the Parliament, which has representatives of people across the country present, and the government want to hold this special session to together find a way out for the country .

Chuan also believes this is what Thai people want to see right now while protesters have also shown that they can hold rallies peacefully. This indicates that they would likewise like this session to be concluded properly.


File photo: Protesters in front of the Parliament building on September 24, 2020. Photos:  INN News



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