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Chuan holding talks with parties to find a way out of crisis

TALKS are being held with representatives of political parties to lay the groundwork for the House of Representatives to find a solution to the current political crisis, TV Channel 7 reported this morning (Oct. 19, 2020).

Mr. Chuan Leekpai, president of the House of Representatives, said internal discussions are taking place with political parties, and while Parliament cannot interfere with the government’s work, it could send a recommendation to relevant parties or the government to consider.

On calling an extraordinary session of the House to find a solution, Chuan said although holding such a session would not immediately help find a way out, it would be a platform to together find a solution.

However, the second general session of the House is scheduled to start in 10 days’ time.

Chuan said even if protesters do not believe in the parliamentary system, and they do have the right to express their opinion, but each side has to go about performing their duties.

Regarding a push for the amendment of the constitution, Chuan said a House committee is considering the process of constitution amendment and has asked for a 15-day extension to complete their task. Whether a motion to amend the constitution is taken up or not depends on the report this panel sends back.

Meanwhile the Thai Lawyers For Human Rights Centre said that the People’s Party rallies from October 13, 2020 till 1 p.m. yesterday, October 18, have led to at least 80 people arrested and prosecuted.

Of this total, 76 were indicted, four were released without charges being filed while 27 are being held in prison and eight held under the power of investigators.

The protesters are continuing to make plans to gather in Bangkok, the nearby provinces and the rest of the country.


Top: President of the House of Representatives Chuan talking to the reporters this morning. Thai headline says, “Finding a way out for the country.” Photo: TV Channel 7

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