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Another rally called after apology issued for last night’s water truck chaos

ALL the groups in the People’s Party network jointly published their message on all social media platforms at 11 a.m. today (Oct. 18) calling on demonstrators to be ready at 3 p.m., Thai Rath newspaper and Sanook.com reported.

The message said, “3 p.m., please be ready at every train station near you”.

Meanwhile a Thoburi vocational student group, Gear of Red Thonburi, issued a statement this morning apologizing for the chaos that occurred in Wong Wian Yai at 10 p.m. last night.

The statement said while the group’s members did attend the rally at Wong Wian Yai last evening, regardless of which group instigated the chaos, as they are all fighting together for democracy it would like to apologize on everyone’s behalf.

The standoff occurred at Baan Khaek intersection near Wong Wian Yai where some vocational students were still lingering around after the rally ended.

They then saw a Bangkok water truck driving down and thought it was coming to spray them with a high-pressure hose so surrounded it.

The police in the area did not step in to stop the altercation as they considered it to be a quarrel between two parties. However the two sides managed to sort out the problem themselves after students realised it was a misunderstanding with the driver being slightly injured.


Top: Vocational students surround a Bangkok water truck last night.

Below: The huge protest at one of three key sites yesterday. Photos: Thai Rath

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