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Lamborghini-motorcycle crash stirs online mirth

A CRASH between a Lamborghini super sports car and a humble motorcycle that led to the motorcyclist injuring his leg in Bangkok yesterday attracted a lot of online attention with netizens laughing at the high cost of repairing the posh vehicle, Sanook.com reported today (Oct. 1, 2020).

A photo of the accident at the entrance of a Pracha Uthit alley just in front of The Pimp exclusive gentlemen’s club shared by Facebook user Tavon Singto went viral on Thai social media.

Tavon wrote that both parties were able to reach a settlement after Wang Thonglang police showed up. The two Chinese men who owned the Lamborghini Aventador agreed to pay for the cost of repairing the Yamaha M-Slaz motorbike and all the medical expenses.

The injured motorcyclist had called emergency ambulance hotline 1669 to take him to the hospital before the deal was struck.


Top: The photo that amused Thai netizens. Thai headline says, “All ends well.” Photo: Sanook.com

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