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Police track gold shop robber’s escape route

ALTHOUGH the man who robbed a gold shop at Tesco Lotus Wanghin mall and escaped with over 200 baht weight gold ornaments yesterday has still to be caught, police have worked out his escape route and are confident of arresting him soon, Siam Rath newspaper reported today (Sept. 28, 2020).

The gold shop, Yaowarat Bangkok, lost a total of 221 baht and 50 satang weight in gold ornaments worth about 6.5 million baht. However the shop is insured for theft.

Surveillance cameras show that the robber escaped via a road next to Lad Phrao canal and then discarded his white jacket and rode off on a black motorcycle without a licence plate.

He then parked and left this motorcycle at an apartment building in Soi Senanikom 1 in Lad Phrao area. At 4 p.m., after changing his clothes and shoes as well as removing his wig, he took a taxi to another department store in Lad Phrao area.

Pol.Maj. Gen. Thiraphong Wongratpitak, head of Metropolitan Police Division 4, said after talking to police detectives at Chokchai station that they expect to arrest the robber in a couple of days’ time as they already have clues about him.

The motorcycle used in the escape has been found to belong to a woman and evidence from the vehicle has been collected and stored away.

He added that if a gold shop does not have a security guard, then police are duty-bound to guard it but can only do so periodically as they have other duties to attend to, particularly controlling the traffic and investigating crime.

While this gold shop has insurance cover, police are busy chasing the robber, he added.


Top: Police officers inspect the gold shop that was robbed yesterday. Photo: Siam Rath


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