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Video clip of emergency room drama going viral


A SHORT video clip (below) shared by Facebook member Teetach Sirithanyachaikul, a doctor at Don Tan Hospital, Don Tan district, Mukdahan province, showing him and a nurse running away from the emergency room after some rowdy teenagers rode up to attack a patient there is going viral on Thai social media, Sanook.com reported.

A message accompanying the clip said he was stitching the patient last evening when he heard a gunshot being fired by a group of teenagers who had zoomed in on around 20 motorcycles. Then approximately at 7.16 p.m. he dashed off with the nurse.

“I heard the sound of the 20 motorbikes coming in and parking in front of the emergency room and also heard the sound of the fighting taking place, I was stitching the patient at that time.

“Suddenly we heard a ‘bang’ and we decided we had to escape to the doctors room

“Knowing how to survive is great, apart from fire drills there should be drills for escaping gunshots. Won’t be missing this year’s 4×100 race,” he wrote.

Most of the people who commented on this video clip encouraged healthcare workers to keep up the good work they are doing as there have been frequent reports of teenagers taking their fight to the hospital. They heavily criticised the perpetrators for their bad behaviour.

Top: The doctor and nurse running away to escape violent teenagers. Thai headline says, “Doctor, nurse run away from gunshots.” Photo: Sanook.com

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