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Police probing kindergarten teacher who abused students

A YOUNG teacher at a Nonthaburi kindergarten who was seen in a video clip abusing first-year students, pulling the hair of one of them and pushing another to the ground, is being investigated by police after being sacked, INN News and Sanook.com reported today (Sept. 26, 2020).

Parents of the small students went to the kindergarten to find out what was going on after their children refused to leave home. They asked to see the surveillance camera footage and this clearly showed the students being abused.

This teacher had initially flung something further away and sent the small students to go find it and bring it back. She then pushed one student to the ground.

A little while later she pulled the hair of another student, and when the mother saw this she slapped the teacher on the face while the father kicked her. Other parents then intervened and the teacher apologized to them.

The abuse was witnessed by other teachers who did not step in to help the students.

The school administration later told the parents that this teacher had been fired but refused to let the parents see surveillance video clips for the preceding 10 days.

Pol. Col. Sathitporn Bunyaratanaphan, head of Chaiyaphruek police station, told INN News that as the parents had filed a complaint for prosecution of this teacher who abused five young students his station is currently gathering evidence against her and the others who did not intervene.

The small children will also be questioned by a team consisting police officers, a prosecutor and either a psychologist or a social worker.

Initially the charge this teacher faces is hurting others and causing physical and mental harm. The other teachers who did not intervene could face a charge of negligence.

This incident is currently going viral on Thai social media.


Top: A composite photo of the abuse at the kindergarten. Thai headline says, “teacher who tortured students has been sacked.” Photo: Sanook.com


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