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Cracks in Phue Thai Party, ‘new leader to support Prayut’

PHEU Thai Party was rocked by the resignation of its chief strategist Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan and some other Strategic Committee members today (Sept. 26) with sources saying this indicates a shift to support the government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, Siam Rath  newspaper reported.

Earlier reports that party leader Somphong Amornvivat would also be stepping down were confirmed by other news outlets that he had done so.

This will lead to a reorganization of the party structure with a new executive committee to be selected at party caucus on Monday September 28.

However Siam Rath quoted sources as saying that once the new executive committee takes the helm there will be an announcement of support for Gen. Prayut’s government on Wednesday September 30.

This shift is being made to reduce political conflicts in the country and reduce the intensity of the Free People’s protests to drive out the government.

This newspaper said that an order had been given by the party’s “Big Name” for MPs to mobilize Red Shirt people in the provinces to join student protest in front of the Parliament last Thursday to pressure the senators and the government to accept all six motions on constitution amendment.

However it turned out that after the party’s key leaders mobilized the Red Shirts to Bangkok, the “Big Name” did not pay for the expenses while party leaders and MPs too are not responsible for covering the cost. This then led to the Red Shirts returning to their provincial homes.


Top: Khunying Sudarat attending a party meeting. Photo: Siam Rath

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