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Group submits ‘non-interference’ letter to Trump at embassy

REPRESENTATIVES of the Thai People Group submitted a letter to US President Donald Trump and US Ambassador to Thailand Michael George DeSombre at the embassy this morning (Sept. 16) demanding confirmation of non-interference in the internal affairs of Thailand, Thai Post newspaper reported.

The group’s representatives, Mr. Pichit Chaiyamongkol and Mr. Tawatchai Jaroonchat, were met by the embassy’s political secretary Mr. Kevin M. McCown.

In this letter the group noted that the US embassy has publicly stated that it would not interfere in the internal affairs of Thailand and urged the US President to confirm this standpoint.

The group also urged Trump to closely supervise the US diplomats here so that they strictly follow what has been stated for the embassy’s efficient and effective operation in this country.

The group added that this action would lead to peaceful assembly by student groups according to the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.


Top and below: The Thai People Group submitting their letter at the US embassy this morning. Photos: Thai Post

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