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Woman who lived at Suvarnabhumi Airport for 2 months gets help


THE Thai version of the movie “The Terminal” played out in real life after a mysterious 28-year-old woman got help after living at Suvarnabhumi Airport for almost two months while waiting to be picked up by her mother, Sanook.com said today (Oct. 22).

Ms. Paweena Hongsakul, chairman of the Paweena Foundation for Children and Women, went to the airport to investigate after informing Ms. Wannapha Sukkong, head of Samut Prakan Social Development and Human Security Office,  Mr. Charin Khaosud, director of the Samut Prakan Centre for the Protection of the Homeless, and Ms. Panisara Salakornthanawat, head of the Samut Prakan Children’s Home, about this case.

Once there she was told that Ms Noi (pseudonym),  who was thin and looked hungry, had lived at the airport terminal’s first floor, gate four, for almost two months.

Security guards said during this time she had been asking passengers for money and had shoplifted from the convenience store. 

She seemed confused and was unable to say where her home is nor provide any details about her relatives, only saying that her mother had told her to wait at the airport after returning from abroad.

Initially the Samut Prakan Centre for the Protection of the Homeless and Samut Prakan Children’s Home are providing her with temporary protection in keeping with Homeless Act, 2014.

Meanwhile the Paveena Foundation and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security are working together in trying to locate her relatives.


Ms. Noi at Suvarnabhumi Airport and signing some papers there. Photos: Sanook.com

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