Myanmar boy infected with Covid-19 crossed over by natural route

THE two-year-old Myanmar boy who was found to be infected with Covid-19 at Myawaddy town, across the border from Thailand’s Mae Sot town, on Sunday September 13 after departing Thailand on September 4 did not go across via the official checkpoint but through one of 50 natural channels, Thai Rath newspaper reported today (Sept. 16, 2020).

Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai, director-general of the Department of Disease Control, said with the discovery of this case Myawaddy imposed a curfew on September 14.

Thai authorities are trying to get more information about this case through international health mechanisms, diplomatic channels and the World Health Organization (WHO) while also finding out how this party crossed the border.

This department together with relevant agencies did take a medical vehicle to Mae Sot for extensive tests of both Thais and foreigners residing there during September 8 and 9 but none were found to be infected.

A total of 2,635 people were tested, with 1,041 being students at an Islamic school of which 660 were foreigners and 381 Thais. A total of 713 students at Ban Wang Takhian School were similarly tested, 284 Myanmar nationals and 429 Thais.

Meanwhile 558 people in Mae Kasa subdistrict too were tests, 47 Myanmar nationals and 511 Thais as well as  323 inmates at Mae Sot prison, 137 foreigners and 186 Thais, but not one person was found to be infected.

“The Department of Disease Control confirms that Thailand has surveillance measures in place, including screening of people with respiratory symptoms and complete investigation and follow-up of those exposed to the disease.

“Where this case is concerned, information is being gathered by coordinating both domestically and internationally to find out where the boy and his family stayed to find their contacts, perform tests for infection, and take appropriate preventive and control measures.

“In addition, there must also be close and constant monitoring of the situation in Myanmar,” he said.

Dr. Suwanchai urged people to be confident of the measures to prevent and control coronavirus with this being strictly implemented in Thailand. Those who have any questions may call the department’s hotline, 1422.


Top: A Covid-19 poster. Photo: Mike Finn (CC BY 2.0)

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    1. Please check the WHO Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) Dashboard at for the latest global statistics and charts on this pandemic.
      Latest totals for Myanmar today (Sept. 16, 2020) are 337 new cases, 3,636 confirmed cases and 39 deaths.

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