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Big southern gangster caught after hair-raising chase

POLICE in southern Nakhon Si Thammarat city chased a Mafia don and his underling across five districts last night before finally stopping them by firing shots to flatten rear tyres of their pickup truck and finding three kilogrammes of fresh kratom leaves in their possession, Thai Rath newspaper reported today (Sept. 11, 2020).

The wild high-speed car chase started when Pol. Lt. Col. Kokiat Thongnun spotted Mr. Thamarong, or Rong, Kongchuay, 38, whose nickname is  Rong Lamjiak and is a big gangster in this city, and his subordinate Mr. Viraphap Bamrungpong, 20, talking to a group of youths near his pickup truck which was parked in front of Robinson Ocean Department Store.

Upon seeing the police officer, their expression changed and they quickly hopped on to their pickup truck and drove away.

Pol. Lt. Col. Kokiat chased them after radioing for support in intercepting the vehicle and saw that the two men were throwing things out of the vehicle at regular intervals.

The suspects zoomed on in a death-defying manner and first entered then exited Ratchaphruek housing estate off Wandee Kositkulporn road, after which the police officer cut in front of them to force them to stop. However they instead squashed pass the police car, damaging both vehicles, and raced on.

The two suspects then entered Muang Thong housing estate where another policeman riding a motorcycle tried, by failed, to stop them

Upon leaving this housing estate, the suspects ran into a police checkpoint but broke through the barrier and sped ahead.

At this point Pol. Lt. Col. Kokiat fired his pistol flattening the two rear tyres and arrested the two men after finding three kilogrammes of fresh katom leaves in the pickup truck

They were taken to the police station where a urine test showed that Thamarong had taken drugs. They were charged with failing to comply with police orders, driving while under the influence of drugs and having category five drug in their possession.

Police said that Thamarong is a big gangster in this province with long history of involvement in drug and black market businesses.


Policemen check the pickup truck after the wild chase ended. Photos: Thai Rath

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