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Jealous young man kills wife, then himself

A YOUNG couple are both dead after the jealous husband stabbed his wife to death in his pickup truck then hanged himself with the seat belt looped over the door handle, Sanook.com reported today (Sep. 10, 2020).

The death of this young couple in the pickup truck with the engine still running was discovered by villagers in a cassava forest at Na Than subdistrict, Kam Muang district, Kalasin province, last evening and they quickly contacted the police.

When the police team and rescuers got to the pickup truck at 6.30 p.m. they saw that the woman had been stabbed thrice in the heart as she sat in the passenger seat, while man had hanged himself with the seat belt that he had attached to the door handle.

Later Pol. Maj. Gen. Somnuk Mikwan, head of Kalasin police, identified the woman as Ms. Methawee, 20, and the man Mr. Thanyarat, 21. This common law couple had argued fiercely in Bangkok after Thanyarat was torn with jealousy over suspicion that his wife had a new boyfriend.

She had returned to Kalasin and he followed her there to patch up their relationship, but another bad argument ensued. He then later intercepted her and brought her to this jungle where he killed her and then hanged himself.

It is suspected that he planned to kill her because the knife found in the pickup truck was a brand new one, Pol. Maj. Gen. Somnuk said, while adding that a detailed investigation would still be made to find out the cause of their death.


Top: Police and rescuers at the cassava jungle where the still running pickup truck (in the background) with couple’s bodies was found. Thai headline says, “sacrificial love, 2 bodies.” Photo: Sanook.com


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