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Young woman kills elderly beautician over bad hair cut

PHITSANOLOK police have arrested  a young woman on the charges of killing an elderly beautician by slashing her throat after a fierce row over what she perceived to be a bad haircut yesterday, Sanook.com reported today (Sept, 4, 2020) .

Pol. Col Phakphum Prapsiphum, head of Mueang Phitsanulok police station, went to the house cum beauty palour of the victim, Mrs Banyat Kanthong, 74, to collect more evidence after tracking down and arresting the suspect, Ms. Araya, 22, last night.

They had also seized the suspect’s Surat Thani registered Honda motorcycle.

Araya has confessed that she was dissatisfied with the haircut the deceased woman had given her and got into a fierce argument with her. She then went to the kitchen and grab a knife and then slashed the victim’s throat.

She added that she washed the knife and put it back in the kitchen and then fled and hid in a furniture shop in the same city.

Regarding the victim’s gold chain, Araya said she flung on the roadside as she fled. Police are now searching for it.

Banyat’s son, Sarayut, 51, said the family is pleased that the suspect had  been arrested as everyone was frightened because there had been no violent incident in the family before.

However he added that he does not want the suspect to be executed but rather imprisoned for life as is her karma.

He also intended to ask the suspect for the real motive of killing his mother when the police her brought in to reenact the crime later today.


Top: The woman who killed the beautician over a bad hairstyle. Thai headline says, “Young customer who is displeased with hairstyle slashes throat of beautician.” Photo: Sanook.com


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