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Rush to test condo residents after first Covid-19 case in hundred days

OFFICIALS at Thung Khru district quickly sprang to action today (Sept. 4) by going to the cluster of six condominium buildings where the inmate who has been found to be infected with Covid-19 lived before being jailed and lots of residents are eager to get themselves tested, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

Mr. Thanachit Chutikarn, director of the Thung Khru district office, along with Dr. Lawan Bunyamanont, acting director of Public Health Service Centre 54, as well as other officials reached Baan Suan Thon Phutthabucha compound where the six buildings are located at 2 p.m. and started collecting the names of those eager to get tested for the deadly disease, with actual tests to be performed by a team of doctors tomorrow.

He urged the public to not be careless and to continue protecting themselves against this disease.

Meanwhile a guard at one of the six buildings said he was extremely worried about catching this infection because he had been in close contact with the infected inmate and had not been wearing a mask for two months now. However he did not feel sick, with no signs of a sore throat or a cough, and would be getting the result of his test tomorrow.


District officials at the condominium compound where the sick inmate lived. Photos: Thai Rath

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