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Woman attacked online over claim of finding needle in sanitary napkin

A YOUNG woman is stressed out after coming under fierce online attack for allegedly having made up a story she posted on  Facebook that she had found a sewing needle in a sanitary napkin, Sanook.com reported today (August 30, 2020).

Netizens doubt that Nong Kwan’s (assumed name) story is true because sewing needles are not required in the production of this product.

However she insisted that she did find the needle in the pad yesterday and that there is no reason to cook up such a story.

She added that she had bought a new packet of sanitary napkins, with there being seven of them of 25 centimetres in length, from a convenience store yesterday. Upon returning home she took one out, removed the tab covering the adhesive tape and her hand touched a needle, which at first she thought was a piece of string.

However a careful examination showed it was a sewing needle attached from the front to the adhesive tape at the rear.

Nong Kwan added that she was very shocked because if she had not check properly there could have been dire consequences. She then called her mother to get her a new napkin.

She confirmed that she did not create this story as her social media critics claim and that she really did find the needle in the pad and does not know where it came from as it was a new package and she also knows full well that factories do not use needles in producing them.

She decided to post photos of the sanitary napkin today with a message to all girls and women to be very careful.

She added that it is not her intention to slander the manufacturers and nor is she going to file a complaint against them.


Top: The sanitary napkin with a needle on it. Thai headline asks, “why create this story?” Photo: Sanook.com

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