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Family takes action after woman beaten to death by husband

THE sister of a woman beaten to death by her husband turned to Paveena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women for help in reporting this case and was taken to Bang Khun Thian police station to do so this afternoon (August 29), Thai Rath newspaper reported.

Ms. Paveena said the dead woman’s family had contacted her on August 24 when Ms. Mai (assumed name) was taken to the hospital with critical injuries soon after crawling out of her house and seeking help from neighbours.

Mai was first taken to Taksin hospital where she was found to have cerebral hemorrhage, a torn lung, some ribs and several other bones broken and unable to move on her right side. She was later transferred to a private hospital where she died this morning at 5 a.m.

Mai’s sister Ms. B (assumed name) said her sister had lived with Mr. A (also assumed name) for seven years and they had two children, a five-year-old girl and a three-month-old boy. Her sister had suffered physical abuse throughout her relationship with this man who had financial problems and could not make ends meet.

B added that her sister used to work as a contractor but of late was only at home raising the children. Although her sister’s face was constantly swollen she did not take any action because the mother-in-law warned her it was a family matter.

That she took action to prosecute A today is because their neighbours had called her to say she had crawled out to seek help and also she was concerned about her nephew and niece who were still with A.

Police said both Mai and A had a history of drug use in this area and had been arrested and prosecuted many times.


Top: Paveena and her foundation workers showing pictures of the hospitalized woman and her husband who beat her to death. Photo: Thai Rath



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