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Sukhothai flooding worsens, star goes in to help

THREE DISTRICTS of Sukhothai province are heavily flooded today (August 25) after the mass of northern water flowed down from Phrae province raising the water level at the flood gate very high but the arrival of a well-known actor to help the victims cheered them up, INN News reported.

The three badly inundated districts are Mueang, Si Samrong and Sawankhalok, but flooding is heaviest in Mueang district after strong currents of the Yom River eroded three parts of an incomplete 1,300-metre dyke leading to torrents of water flooding homes and farmland.

Deputy Governor Prasong Uraiwan said the dyke could only be repaired after the floods recede and if there is no additional torrential rain the situation would return to normal in seven days’ time.

However, this mass of northern water is now flowing down from Sukhothai’ Kong Krailat district to Phitsanulok’s Bang Rakam district.

Meanwhile Mr. Bin Bunluerit, a well-known volunteer worker and actor and director, together with Ruamkatanyu Foundation team went to Khlong Krachong subdistrict of Sawankhalok district to help the flood victims.  They found that at some points the floodwater was three metres deep.

People here were delighted when they heard that Bin had come down to help them and lots of them gathered to welcome him and the Ruamkatanyu team when they showed up on a flat-bottom boat.


The severe flooding in Sukhothai province today with actor and director Bin Bunluerit shown in the bottom image talking to other volunteer workers. Photos: INN News

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