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Infatuated young man arrested for trespassing MP’s house

A YOUNG MAN who confessed to liking Palang Pracharath Party MP for Ratchaburi  Pareena Kraikupt has been arrested after he unlawfully entered her house last evening, made himself comfortable and drew several portraits of her to give to her upon her return, Sanook.com reported today (August 23, 2020).

Pareena was alerted by her butler upon reaching her provincial home with her son from Bangkok that there was a mysterious man within sitting on the floor and drawing portraits of her.

She quickly left the house and called her brother, Mr. Sihadech Kraikupt, to call the police.

Pol. Capt. Planchai Chaichana, an investigator at Photharam police station, said Mr A (assumed name), 26, had confessed that he travelled from Hat Yai, in southern Songkhla province, to Ratchaburi because he liked Pareena so much and wanted to give her several portraits he had drawn of her.

Pol.Capt. Planchai brought A back to Pareena’s house today for a crime reenactment, but because there were so many reporters around, left him in the police van while he took the necessary photos.

He said that A would be taken to Ratchaburi Provincial Court tomorrow to ask for extension of his detention on a charge of trespassing at night.

Pareena said she was worried because she had been threatened before but in past it had mostly been various forms of asking for help.

This time was most worrying because he came into the middle of her house and made himself comfortable there, she said.

Pareena added that she usually stayed at this house on holidays or when House of Representatives was not in session to work for the public.


MP Pareena, her house in Ratchaburi, and he young man infatuated by her. Thai headline says, “Drawing portraits to confess his love.” Photos: Sanook.com

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