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Prosecutor chasing PM’s motorcade ‘in a hurry because of stomach upset’

A SENIOR prosecutor who chased, blared the horn and flashed emergency lights at Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s motorcade yesterday morning has told Special Branch police that he had only put the emergency lights on because he had diarrhoea, Sanook.com reported today (August 18, 2020).

The senior prosecutor, who was previously director-general of the Attorney-General’s Office, had chased Gen.Prayut’s motorcade from Victory Monument expressway entrance till Yommarat exit then further to Government House before zooming off into Ratchadamnoen Avenue.

In his explanation to the police, the unidentified senior prosecutor said he was on his way to a meeting and was driving on the left lane and had put the emergency lights on while going down the expressway ramp and was not bothering anyone.

However just then a military motorcyclist suddenly cut in front of him which made him angry because he was not blocking anyone’s path so he honked without knowing it was the Prime Minister’s motorcade.

He added that he followed the motorcade up to Government House because he had to go to Ratchadamnoen Avenue to attend a meeting.

He also pointed out that he had no reason to quarrel with the Prime Minister and only sounded the horn at the military motorcyclist because he got angry.

He curtly told police if they spread the news that what happened was linked to politics then changes should be made within the force.


Top: The Prime Minister’s sedan. Thai headline says, “Why would I quarrel with the Prime Minister?’

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