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Students stage another demonstration in Phayao

AROUND 300 students and some members of the public staged a rally in northern Phayao province at 5 p.m. last evening to voice their demands, chiefly dissolution of the Parliament, stop intimidation of the people and the amendment of the Constitution, Naewna newspaper and Sanook.com reported this morning (July 28, 2020).

The gathering took place at the car parking area in front of Phayao University with both secondary and tertiary students as well as some ordinary people attending. Youth leaders gave speeches while rally goers held up paper signs with various messages.

Also attending the rally was Mr. Prich Chivarak, or Penguin, a political activist who addressed the crowd.

They had planned to rally next to Kwan Phayao lake but were blocked by officials from doing so after which they moved to the university.


The rally at Phayao  University car park yesterday. Photos: Naewna



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