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Young men run naked around shrine after picking lucky card at army lottery

AS IT HAPPENS at Ang Thong province every year so has it started this year with young men who drew a black card in the annual army draft lottery, which frees them from two years of service, running naked around a sacred shrine to fulfill a vow to do so should they be spared, Sanook.com reported this afternoon (July 24)

After the draw yesterday, the first day of the annual recruitment process, young men who drew the black card together with families flocked to Luang Phor Khao shine at Lak Kaeo subdistrict, Wiset Chai Chan district and stripped naked to run around it.

A vehicle was also brought in to play music as were some buckets to beat and make a lot of noise as the youths kept their vow in their birthday suit.

Mr. Rung, 45, said he brought his nephew along to run naked around the shrine with this being the third year in a row he is coming here after the army lottery. The first year he came with another nephew and the second his own son with all three drawing the black card that exempts them from army service while those who draw the red card would have the privilege of serving for two years.

He said this Buddhist shrine is very sacred and every year those who get the black ticket flock here to run around naked as their families beat buckets and in a joyful manner.

Yesterday was the first day but more black card young men will be flocking here to do the same thing until the annual recruitment ends, he added.


Top: Young men praying at the sacred shine. Thai headline say, “Luang Phor Khao help us.” Photo: Sanook.com

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