Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar badly hit by coronavirus woes

MAKING waves on Thai social media are photos of Night Bazaar, the important landmark of Chiang Mai city, looking desolate with shops steadily shutting down due to the impact of Covid-19 outbreak, reported today (July 11, 2020).

There is a plea for the authorities to spur tourism in this northern city through the “We travel together” package, which is one of two stimulus packages worth 22.4 billion baht that the government recently approved to revitalise domestic tourism.

Running until October 31, the other  package is  “Happiness-sharing trips,”  Bangkok Post said.

At the page “Chiangmai LeadseR News” the writer shared photos of Night Bazaar as it is today, with many shops steadily shutting down as the coronavirus pandemic hits businesses hard.

Pointing out that Thais should help their friends pass through this crisis, the writer made the following comment:

“Nothing is left of the famous shopping zone Night Bazaar. Shops, restaurants, service outlets have to shut their business because of the absence of both Thai and foreign tourists.

“Even traditional Thai massage shops are not spared – no customers – owners have to steadily shut the shops and now out of 100 masseurs only 10 are left. Hope the government helps spur tourism through ‘We travel together’ (package).”

Tourists across the world know Night Bazaar, which is located in the middle of Chiang Mai city, quite well. It is usually bustling with there being shops, restaurants, hotels and kiosks selling a variety of products to cater to their whims and fancies but not so these days.


Dark days for Night Bazaar with shops steadily shutting down. Photos:



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