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4 dead in robbery and shooting at Laos gambling enclave

LAOS has confirmed that a Chinese couple shot dead four people and injured two others when they mounted a violent robbery within the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone where there are lots of casinos and is opposite Chiang Saen district of Chiang Rai province while also close to Tachileik border town in the Shan state of eastern Myanmar, Naewna reported today (July 11, 2020).

After several angles of this violent robbery spread on social media, on Thursday July 9, at 10 p.m. the Laotian newspaper “Kwam Sangob Rai Wan” which is supported by Laos security forces revealed the accurate details.

According to this report the attack started at 8.30 p.m. on July 7 with a Chinese man, Yin Aseng, 58, and his wife bursting into a house and using a knife and a 9mm carbine to kill four persons, all of them also Chinese, namely Rosin Long, 33, Lee Fu Kang, 33, Yang Ping Sa, 31, Liu Yuxin, 33, while injuring a fifth Chinese man, Yu Lee Lee, 34, and fleeing with their cash and valuables.

The next day Laotian police and soldiers tracked the couple to a garage outside this gambling enclave where their Honda CRV was parked and surrounded it. However the husband raised his long gun and fought back but was shot and injured after likewise injuring one of the officers. In the melee, his wife escaped.

Aside from the long gun, Laotian officers found that the suspect had a silencer,10 bullets, 807,600 yuan and 58,500 baht in cash as well as four casino chips four worth 112,000 yuan.

They are now investigating the motive of the robbery in detail while also hunting for the wife.

The Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone is a concession granted by the Laotian government to Hong Kong-registered Kings Romans Group to build a new city along the Mekong River. Within it are lots of tourist attractions, commercial buildings, entertainment outlets and most importantly officially-licensed casinos. Most of the tourists are Mainland Chinese and there are plans to build a commercial airport there to make it easier to travel in and out.

This gambling city had been temporarily closed in February when the coronavirus pandemic first started to spread with people forbidden from entering or leaving it. The lockdown was eased last month to let people return home with casinos reopening on July 1, but within days there was this violent crime.


Top: A composite picture of the robber, the bullet-riddled vehicle and the seized cash. Photo: Naewna


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