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No quarantine for US army chief of staff during visit

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE UNITED STATES’ army chief of staff Gen. James McConville will not be quarantined under anti-pandemic measures in Thailand where he is scheduled to pay a two-day visit next week.

Gen. McConville is scheduled to visit Thailand on July 9 as guest of the Thai army and to meet with Thai army chief Gen. Apirat Kongsompong under a ”special arrangement”, which will spare him the 14-day state quarantine, according to National Security Council (NSC) Secretary General Somsak Rungsita.

The U.S. army chief of staff will come from Singapore to Thailand on July 9 and will leave on July 10 without being quarantined under anti-pandemic measures in this country, Somsak said.

According to the NSC chief, guests of government may visit this country by a given schedule without undergoing the 14-day state quarantine.

However, Gen. McConville and his entourage, consisting of less than 10 staffers, will not stray out of the itinerary during his two-day visit, he said.


Top: Gen. James McConville, the chief of staff of the US army, has played a key role in developing the new Army Futures Command. Photo: Army Times

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