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Jealous boyfriend guns down girlfriend, mum and sister in pickup truck

A FURIOUSLY jealous boyfriend shot dead his girlfriend, her mother and older sister and was captured as he tried to flee on his victims’ motorcycle in northeastern Nakhon Phanom province yesterday (July 3), Sanook.com reported today.

At 3.30 p.m. Pol Col Chularat Archphirom, deputy inspector for Investigation Muang Nakhon Phanom police station, got word of the killings on bypass road close to Ban Ua Arthorn Ban Noi Nong Khem Community in this city so sent in a team of investigators and forensic specialists to investigate.

The team found all three women shot dead in the head and their body at a parked Toyota Vigo pickup truck, with Miss Suchitra, or Khim, 23, lying prone in a pool of blood at the driver’s door. Her mother Ola, 45, and her older sister Chitra, 25, were also likewise lying dead near the opened left-hand door.

Five spent casings of a pistol were found there and they were collected as evidence.

The suspect, who had come in the van, had fled in the motorcycle belonging to the family but police gave chase and managed to arrest him and seized a 9mm CZ pistol he was carrying.

Identifying himself as Noppadon, 41, the suspect told police that the killings arose from jealously because his girlfriend was good looking and there were many men courting her.

As they were driving along in his van a fierce quarrel erupted so he parked the vehicle to clear the matter, but his girlfriend called her mother and sister to help, and they quickly drove up in the motorcycle from the nearby community and this angered him even more and that was why he killed all three of them.

Chit, 60, the head of this family, told police that the suspect was a native of Chonburi and had been seeing his daughter but they had later broken up because of personal problems.

The suspect came to reconcile with his daughter but became very jealous as he was afraid other men had starting flirting with her. The two of them had driven out of their house in this community but as fierce quarrels broke out his daughter called her mother for help.

He added that he is very sad as he did not think something like this would happen to his family.


Top: The suspect, left, and his girlfriend. Thai headline says, “Vicious jealously, guns down 3 people.” Photo: Sanook.com

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