Coronavirus-infected German keeps all family members safe

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A GERMAN MALE who has visited northeastern Thailand for about two weeks was recently found infected with the Covid-19 but managed to keep all accompanying members of his family safe.

The 42-year-old German national accompanied by a Thai wife and two children of their own traveled earlier this month from Bangkok to his wife’s home district of Thep Sathit in the northeastern province of Chaiyapoom.

Chief provincial health official Vachira Botpiboon confirmed the unidentified German tested positive but none of his family members did. Neither did 16 other people reported to have been in contact with him during his stay in Chaiyapoom, Vachira confirmed.

Nevertheless, provincial authorities are currently screening an estimated 500 others in three districts of the northeastern province for fear of a possible spread from the German, who already returned to Bangkok for a medical treatment.

During the two-week stay at his wife’s rural home, the German went shopping at two discount stores in town and visited a barbershop in the neighborhood of his wife’s home. Remarkably, he was always seen wearing a face mask and observing social distancing order, according to the chief provincial health official.


Top: A more or less artistic representation of the coronavirus – created with the free software Blender 2.82. Photo: Muenocchio

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