PM Prayut to use cameras to fend off pantry raiders

AMID unsettling reports of people raiding “pantries of sharing” stocked with food by donors to help those in dire straits during the current coronavirus pandemic Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today (13.5.2020) ordered that either cameras be installed at these cabinets or officials guard them to resolve the problem of people taking more than they should, Voice TV reported.

Speaking during a visit to Wat Rakhangkosaram temple where he donated food to people in that area, Gen Prayut said he does not want to blame anyone for people grabbing more food than they should, but everyone has to be considerate and not selfish.

“What is worrying is that we are heading towards a new life, in future people might not be leaving their homes like before. We have to improve online trading, delivery system, grow vegetables at home and increase electronic payment,” he said.

The Prime Minister also warned people that even though the number of Covid-19 patients has decreased and the figure might reach zero, they should not be careless because there are asymptomatic patients around.

This is the reason for not being more lenient just based on reduced number of patients, he said, adding it is not that he does not want businesses to reopen but what if people become infected?

He has also ordered Public Health, Education and Social Development and Human Security ministries to work out ways to keep schools open longer especially in crowded communities.

Today there are around 40 million low-income people and everyone has to adjust to new times especially by using information to become more up-to-date, he added.

Touching of Thai Airways International (THAI) which has been forced to suspend flights due to Covid-19, Gen Prayut said he is working on rehabilitating the national flag carrier with one concept being to let the airline file for bankruptcy and then enter the bailout process with this undergoing legal scrutiny. However the airline has not yet decided which method it is going to use to resolve it huge problems.


Top: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha surrounded by security officers recently. Photo: National News Bureau of Thailand

Insert: Two CCTV cameras installed at a public place. Photo: Daniel Stark (CC BY 2.0)

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