Stranded tourist create coconut stalk art on Koh Phangan

Surat Thani – A Thai businesswoman on Koh Phangan island, which is renowned for its monthly Full Moon Party, invited foreign tourists marooned here by the coronavirus pandemic to create coconut stalk art as a way to de-stress and their imaginative renderings have now turned into a new attraction, PostToday reported this afternoon (11.5.2020).

Ms Anong Khamcheen, or Phi Chiap, 54, the owner of Art Tid Koh market as well as a restaurant and a guest house, said she and her art friend Mr Chatuphum Losiri, 50, saw that the island has plenty of coconut stalks which could be used as raw material for drawing and painting so put them to use as there are some foreign tourists who had rented her rooms and could not return home.

After these tourists created some eye-catching art work with Mr Chatuphum’s help, they invited their friends, both adults and children, to join. This artistic expression helped them relax and be happy.

“Drawing does not cost money and we treat them to lunch in return, it’s an emotional exchange. People came because they like art and the pieces they created is helping promote Koh Phangan.

“The completed stalks are planted in a row next to the road leading to the accommodation. This display at Art Tid Koh market attracts the attention of people driving pass, they would stop to take photos for keepsake and sharing on social media.

“In a month there might be hundreds of coconut stalks painted which could be displayed at various points of the roadside,” Ms Anong said.

Meanwhile Koh Phangan district chief Poonsak Sophonpathumrat said this is a good phenomenon for Koh Phangan because the island’s symbol comprises coconut trees.

The coronavirus has led to tourists using their free time to show their artistic skills by drawing on coconut stalks, a natural material, and this increases emotional value and in turn has created something new to check out, he said, adding passers by would take photos and share widely online.


The stunning coconut stalk art created by stranded tourists on display by the roadside at Koh Phangan. Photos: PostToday

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