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Stressed out woman draws Prayut’s portrait before killing self

MAKING the rounds in the Thai online world today (29.4.2020) is a portrait of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha drawn by a young woman before committing suicide for not having enough money to buy milk for her children, Sanook.com reported.

The unidentified woman had also written the lyrics of the song Klai sung by Thai musician Manote Puttan.

As roughly translated the lyrics say,  “Where are my friends? In the end unable to reach them, now without home and despairing, I see a strange world, poison in food, graveyard in the streets, crazy people carrying wheels, a little boy climbing a cliff and volunteers fighting wild animals. Where are my friends? In the end I got lost with the only hope being to go home.”

This woman then wrote about the difficulties she faced, saying she worked 12 hours a day but the money she earned was not enough to buy milk for her children because she had a lot of bills to pay.

She added that she drew this portrait of Prime Minister Prayut with resentment and in tears in her eyes because she was angry at the government for causing trouble for the people.

Seeing no way out, she said she had decided to end her life.

Later a friend posted a condolence message on her Facebook page, saying the young woman had decided to hang herself and is now dead.


The portrait of Gen Prayut which the despairing dead woman drew. Thai headline says, “Drawn even in tears.” Photo: Sanook.com


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