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Chuan’s wife blasts four tax thieves

DEMOCRAT Party members are busy searching for four swindlers identified with their initials by former prime minister and House Speaker Chuan Leekpai’s wife in a harsh expletive-ridden Instagram post which has now been removed, PostToday reported this afternoon (22.4.2020).

Mrs Phakdiporn Sutcharitkul hurled curses at the four individuals in a message she shared via Instagram, under her account name  @manuj_mae.

She very angrily said she will be lighting joss sticks and candles, burning gold and silver paper to curse that they suffer seizures day and night.

She added that dogs urinate on them for pocking tax revenue to support their wife and children in comfort with this coming from the suffering of the people, and as if that were not enough they have come to bite their benefactor too.

The initials mentioned were Kor, Phor, Chor and Wor.

However this post has now been deleted while Democrat Party members are very busy identifying these four individuals.


Above: House Speaker Chuan Leekpai, his son Suraboth and wife Phakdiporn Sutcharitkul. Photo: PostToday

Below: An image of Mrs Phakdiporn’s angry post on her Instagram account which has now been removed. Photo:  PostToday

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