Para-rubber pillow manufacturers badly hit by pandemic

Trang – A para-rubber pillow manufacturer in this southern province has been so badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic he is dumping  a large stock piled up since January at cost price to get some liquidity, PostToday reported today (17.4.2020).

The Rubber Cooperative Bann Nong Krok, which is a member of the Rubber Authority of Thailand and is the only factory in Trang transforming latex into para-rubber pillows for sale within the country and overseas markets, is one of 40 such factories nationwide badly impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

This factory has a stock of 3,700 such pillows worth 2 million baht after buyers, particularly those in China which is a key market, cancelled orders.

Mr Manat Muadmuang, the factory’s manager, said previously he could not produce enough para-rubber pillows for sale, especially to the key Chinese market from where orders reached 4,000 pieces a month, but since January he has faced the worst crisis ever.

His six workers now rotate to come to work when there are orders for mattresses but only very few of these come through

All the 40 factories in this country, owned by both Thais and foreigners, are facing the same problem and have collectively piled up over  100,000 unsold pillows in their warehouses.

As he sees it, the problems will continue even after the situation returns to normal because some customers would no longer have any money to buy this product while others specifically want what they had previously purchased.

Although he and the other rubber cooperatives did petition the Rubber Authority of Thailand for help and they agreed to help sell these pillows at 200 baht each, allowing the factories to sell at a higher price if they were able to do so, the officials have since then kept mum.

He has also sent a letter to the provincial authorities asking for space to sell the para-rubber pillows which he is willing to dump at the cost price of 350 baht each, discounted from 550 baht, with export price being 280 baht just so as to get some money in.


Mr Manat with the large stock of para-rubber pillows he wants to urgently sell at cost price. Photo: PostToday

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