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Hundreds flock to ministry after cash handout rejection

HUNDREDS of people who were refused the 5,000 baht a month coronavirus cash subsidy swarmed the Finance Ministry today (13.4.2020) to find out why they had been rejected, PostToday reported.

Out of the latest total of 27 million people who had registered at the website www.เราไม่ทิ้งกัน.com for the cash handout to self-employed and laid-off people affected by this dire pandemic, lasting six months, the officials had checked the qualifications of 7.99 million applicants, approved 1.68 million of them and reject 4.78 million.

The official system had sent SMS to those not approved for this handout during the weekend, April 11-12.’

Most of the several hundred people who failed to pass muster and flocked to the ministry all day today to ask for an explanation were taxi and motorcycle taxi drivers plus vendors.

Finance Ministry officials came out to meet the people who had turned up and asked them to fill a form for use by its Joint Service Centre, giving their details including name, surname and ID card number, so that further investigation could be undertaken.


One of the hundreds of people who rushed to the Finance Ministry today after failing to win approval for the 5,000-baht monthly handouts. The overlaid Thai headline says, “ Raid ministry (after being) heartbroken (over) 5,000 baht.” Photo: PostToday


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