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‘I am nobody’s puppet’: PM


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

PRIME MINISTER SRETTHA Thavisin has apparently vented his frustration saying he virtually is “no puppet” under control of de facto Pheu Thai boss Thaksin Shinawatra or any other persons.

Srettha tweeted on his X page over the weekend to say he is virtually ”no puppet” who could otherwise be pulled around by the de facto Pheu Thai boss/”sickly” convict or any member of the Shinawatra family.

Given solid support from deposed prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra for his first-ever partisan campaign for prime minister, Srettha was apparently responding to sustained criticism that he virtually performs as a “puppet” pulled around by her brother, Thaksin.

Srettha and Yingluck have been personally associated since both had earlier run real estate business by the names of Sansiri Plc and SC Asset Corp respectively.

Albeit invariably viewed by members of the public as being more or less influenced by the Shinawatra family, Srettha contended that he performs in independent fashion whilst constantly taking viewpoints of critics and people into account.

“I was a Pheu Thai candidate for prime minister who looked for consensus from the people and parliament and I am nobody’s puppet. Please do not disregard the people,” Srettha put it.

He was among a trio of partisan contestants for prime minister in last May’s general election in addition to Thaksin’s daughter/Pheu Thai leader Paetongtarn Shinawatra and Pheu Thai MP Chaikasem Nitisiri.


Top and Front Page: De facto Pheu Thai boss Thaksin Shinawatra, left, and Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin,right. Photos: Thai Rath

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