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Student stabbed to death, three others wounded in school fight


A FIGHT between seventh and eighth graders of a well-known school in Sisaket province led to one of them stabbing the other to death while three other students also got wounded with two in serious condition, MNG Online said today (May 30).

The stabbings occurred yesterday afternoon with the other students crying in intense grief while the teacher quickly went to help the wounded boys but one of them had been stabbed in many places and died on the spot. The three wounded students were quickly sent to the hospital.

The attack occurred after lunch break when two teen boys, only identified as Boy A and Boy B, had been joking around and boxing each other. However this turned violent and angered Boy B.

Later while Boy A was sitting in front of a classroom just before school ended for the day Boy B came to him with his friends to clear the problem. However when this was not settled Boy B’s friends bashed him up and he then stabbed him to death. In the melee three other students were also wounded.

Boy B was first detained at the school and later taken to a police station for prosecution according to the law. He admitted stabbing Boy A to death but said it was out of anger over a personal matter.

Boy A’s family and friends mourned his death and posted condolence messages on his Facebook page.


Pixelated image of Boy A who was stabbed to death yesterday. Photo: MNG Online

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