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Huge forest  fire in Nakhon Nayok spreads to fourth mountain


WITH THE massive forest fire in Nakhon Nayok that broke out on Wednesday night (Mar. 29) having now spread to the fourth mountain, over a hundred firefighters and two helicopters were sent to extinguish it this morning (Mar. 31), Naewna newspaper said.

At 10.30 a.m. provincial Governor Mr. Buncha Chaowarin presided over a ceremony to dispatch 119 firefighters from various agencies including forestry and forest fire prevention officials, soldiers from Prachinburi province, volunteers and rescuers from Sawang Ariya Nakhon Nayok foundation. 

They took water trucks from many agencies to extinguish the inferno.The two helicopters helping fight the blaze are Ka-32 and Mi-17 models from the Prachin Buri and Lop Buri army units respectively.

The forest fire has now engulfed four mountains in this province which is just two hours drive from Bangkok. It first spread from Khao Cha Phlu, behind Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy’s shooting range, to Khao Laem then across Khao Tabak reaching Khao Wang Ri today.

The firefighters are going to set up fire break lines while continuously spraying water carried by trucks as the two helicopters fly in to drop more water.


Firefighters moving in to battle the huge blaze in Nakhon Nayok. Photos: Naewna

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