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Jobless man saved from being crushed by train

A HUNGRY jobless man was rescued from being run over by a train as he dejectedly lay on the tracks by five other men who luckily spotted him through a cover of tall grass, Khaosod newspaper reported this morning (August 28, 2020).

The incident occurred in Saraburi province with the 35-year-old man from Chiang Rai later telling the his rescuers and police that he arrived at this central region province three days earlier and had been sleeping at bus stops as he hunted for a job, but not being able to find one and running out of money, decided to commit suicide this way.

Mr. Chanchai Kruewan, 35, said he and his four friends were walking pass this area  last night and at first could not see clearly whether there was someone lying on the train tracks or not because of the tall grass blocking the view. They got closer and saw the man sleeping on the tracks and so quickly woke him up and told him to get up and come with them.

But he refused to do so saying no one loved him and he wanted to sleep like this and if the train ran over him it would be over and he would die.

As the Bangkok train was approaching, the five men carried the suicidal man off the tracks to a nearby pavilion.

After that rescuers from Sawang Rattanatrai Thammasathan came with police following on. They found a black bag with there only being some clothes and an ID card of the man from Mae Suai district of Chiang Rai province in it.

Police calmed him down and told him suicide is a sin after which they took him to the station and gave him something to eat.


Top: The dejected man lying on the train tracks waiting to be run over. Photo:  Khaosod


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