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Phang Nga’s anti-graft chief checks yellow elder trees costing over 6,000 baht each


PHANG NGA’S National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) chief and other officials visited a canal improvement project in front of the City Hall yesterday (Mar. 8) after a tip-off by Corruption Deterrence Centre that 37 yellow elder trees were purchased for 6,090.50 baht each and grown there, TV Channel 7 said this afternoon (Mar. 9).

Ms. Supalak Chiraksa, head of NACC office in this southern coastal province, together with Pol. Lt. Col. Suphot Khongnalok, head of Region 8 Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission, accompanied by officials from Phang Nga’s Public Works and Town & Country Planning Department visited the site to ascertain the facts.

The Corruption Deterrence Centre had sent word that a webpage entitle “Watchdog Operation” had raised key questions and made the following allegations:

– Is 6,090.50 baht per yellow elder tree too expensive?

– A fountain with full equipment, priced 6,000,570 baht, was installed and run only once and why is it currently not in use?

– Was the grass grown as specified?

– Is 20,098.65 baht per “Yellow Star” tree with a four-inch wide trunk too expensive?

Preliminary inspection revealed that the landscape improvement project, costing 30 million baht, was started on October 22, 2021 and completed on August 17, 2022. The Public Works and Town & Country Planning Department officials said the contractor who had completed his work on time had been paid.

The department had notified the contractor to carry out renovation.

NACC’s Phang Nga chief Supalak asked about the facts and told the office to submit documents related to this project. If any suspicion arises additional facts will be gathered and submitted to the NAAC committee for further action.


Top, below and Front Page: Yellow elder trees planted in front of Phang Nga City Hall which a webpage alleges were bought for over 6,000 baht each. Photos: Thai Rath

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