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Dutchman petitions ministry over alleged swindle by female civil servant


A DUTCHMAN who claimed a female civil servant based in Sakon Nakon swindled him out of almost 4 million baht went to the Interior Ministry to file a petition asking for an ethical investigation of this official today (Jan. 30), TV Channel 7 said.

Accompanied by Thai businessman Mr. Kanthas Phongphaiboonvej, or Gun Chom Palang, the Dutchman, who was only identified as Mr. Peter, 61, related that he got to know this female official through a dating application while already living with a Thai girlfriend in his own country.

He alleged that the official tricked him into selling his house in the Netherlands and transferring money to her to buy land and house in this upper northeast province for the two of them to live in retirement together .

However when he came to Thailand he could not find the promised land and house with this also affecting his ex-Thai girlfriend in the Netherlands.

Kanthas said he talked to the female official who claims that she had asked for 20,000 baht but Peter only transferred 2,000 baht.

However he said this was not true, with Peter having evidence of multiple transfers, sometimes totalling hundreds of thousands of baht.

As this official holds a high rank, Kanthas said he contacted Sakon Nakhon governor but he said this was a personal matter thus he could not intervene.

Kanthas criticised the governor for not taking action as this case affects Thailand’s reputation and that is why he brought Peter to the ministry today to help investigate the scam.

He also sent a message to the female official that she had three days to clear the matter and if not all the details will be made public.

Meanwhile Ms. Riya, Peter’s ex-Thai girlfriend who came to Thailand with him, said they had lived together for six to seven years, got engaged and planned to get married and built a house but then this official came into his life so she broke up with him but they still remain friends.

Towards the end of last year Peter contacted her asking for help as he was in a state of shock after being swindled out of 4 million baht. His sister too contacted her because she too had lost some money in this scam.


Peter, Riya and Kanthas submitting their petition at the Interior Ministry today, Jan. 30, 2023. Photo: TV Channel 7

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