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Charter’s organic law on MPs election ruled constitutional


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE AMENDED ORGANIC LAW of the current constitution pertaining to the election for MPs is by no means unconstitutional as earlier alleged, according to the Constitutional Court’s ruling delivered today (Nov.30).

Seven judges of the Constitutional Court voted in support of the organic law on the election of lawmakers whilst two others voted against it.

The Constitutional Court finally ruled that the contentious amendment to the constitution’s organic law is not designed against any section of the charter as earlier alleged and that it could be applied to the nationwide election, expected early next year.

That virtually underlined a shared legislative triumph for several parties ranging from the ruling Palang Pracharath, Bhumjaithai and Democrat to the opposition Pheu Thai and Move Forward, given their intent to contest the next general election with the lawful use of the mixed-member majoritarian system, also known as the divided-by-100 formula, for which two voting ballots will be handed out to each eligible voter at a polling unit.

Some splinter-party MPs had desperately called for the mixed-member proportional system, also known as the divided-by-500 formula, which would probably have given them more chances of winning MP seats in party-listed mode as had been the case in the 2019 general election where only a single ballot for common use with both constituency-based mode and party-listed mode was available.

Proponents of the amendment to the constitution’s organic law pertaining to the election for MPs maintained that only the divided-by-100 formula will practically render justice to electoral contestants, given the fact that there will be a total of 100 party-listed MPs and not as many as 500 party-listed MPs to have otherwise justified the use of the other formula.

Of a total of 500 MPs to occupy the House of Representatives, 400 will be elected in constituency-based mode, leaving the 100 others to be picked in party-listed mode.


Top: Constitutional Court judges, left, and the parliament meeting chamber, right, in this composite photo. Photo: Matichon

Front Page: The Constitutional Court logo. Photo: Thai Rath

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