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Netizens blast building a drain higher than the road


GOING viral on Thai social media is this puzzling photo of a drain built in Pattaya that is higher than the road with questions being raised as to where the water will go, Matichon newspaper said today (Nov. 29).

This photo was posted on PattayaWatchdog webpage which shares interesting information about this seaside city and it attracted a lot of comments.

Among the comments are the following:

“Drain!! Where should the water first flow?”

“The same story, the same problems that the whole city knows. But the administrators don’t acknowledge them.”

“For what? It won’t drain the water.”

“Pattaya, the more that is done, the worse it gets. I can’t see anything getting better.”


The drain which is higher than a road in Pattaya. Photos: Matichon

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