FDA warns against exaggerated ads by 3 brands of toothpaste


THE Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today (Oct. 19) issued a warning against believing exaggerated claims by three brands of toothpaste in their advertisements run on social media, Matichon newspaper said.

The three brands are as follows:

– 3D Premium Plus toothpaste, sold under the trade name ATK, registration number 10-1-6400019767. Claims to be able to deal with tartar, yellow teeth, bad breath, aphthae and stains from cigarettes, tea and coffee;

– Liquid toothpaste, trade name OK Clear, registration number 40-1-6300038347. Claims to treat tooth decay, rocking and shaking teeth with visible result in two minutes;

– Concentrated herbal toothpaste (original flavour), trade name Funton concentrated herbal toothpaste (original), registration number 76-1-6400037025. Claims to cure gingivitis, toothache, loose and decaying teeth.

FDA said such advertisements are exaggerated and cause misunderstanding among consumers. Toothpastes are classed as cosmetics for cleaning purposes only and claims that they can treat various problems such as cavities, gingivitis, toothaches and loose teeth are exaggerated and misleading.


Top: Toothbrush with toothpaste on the background of teeth model. Photo: Marco Verch professional photographer (CC BY 2.0)

Front Page: Symbolic brushing teeth. Photo: Marco Verch professional photographer (CC BY 2.0)

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