Six test positive for Covid-19 at Govt House, confirmation awaited

WITH the Government House and the Prime Minister’s Secretariat also being vigilant amid the new outbreak of coronavirus, 350 out of the total 700 civil servants and state employees working there were tested for the deadly disease today (Dec. 25) and six of them got a positive result, INN News and reported.

Chulalongkorn Hospital sent a team of medical staff to randomly test these civil servants and state employees via the Rapid Test, which detects infection through saliva.

Now that six out of 350 have tested positive for Covid-19, the more accurate SWAB test, which detects the virus in the nasal cavity and throat, is being conducted to confirm that they had in fact got infected. The result will be out tomorrow.

On Monday another medical team from this hospital will be going in to test the remaining 350 officials and employees working at the government complex.

The medical team stressed that the result of the Rapid Test is unofficial and has to be confirmed through a SWAB test.


Top: The sprawling Government House complex. Thai headline says, “Government House finds covid.” Photo:


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