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Arthit lashes out at parties for focusing on reshuffle and ‘landslide’ win


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

FORMER HOUSE SPEAKER Arthit Ourairat today (Oct. 8) has taken various parties to task for merely talking among themselves about a cabinet reshuffle, electoral formulas and a ”landslide” victory whilst failing to do enough to help the people in trouble nationwide.

Arthit posted on his Facebook page to lambaste those parties for apparently preoccupying themselves with probabilities of a cabinet reshuffle sooner or later to fill a few ministerial seats currently left vacant. 

Arthit, founder of Rangsit University, apparently referred to the Palang Pracharath Party and the Democrat Party, the largest and third largest coalition partners respectively, members of which have scrambled to grab a ministerial seat in the next cabinet reshuffle.

According to the former House speaker, many MPs on both sides of the House chamber aisle have time and again made comments or aired their preferences over the divided-by-100 and divided-by-500 electoral formulas for party-listed MPs with the former being said to be considerably beneficial to the large-sized parties and the latter to bring advantages to the small-sized or splinter ones.

Arthit lashed out at the Pheu Thai Paty’s much-heralded campaigns to score a “landslide” triumph in the next general election since the largest opposition camp has allegedly steered their electoral campaigns under guidance of spiritual leader Thaksin Shinawatra.

The former premier ousted in the 2006 coup has repeatedly encouraged his followers in the Pheu Thai Party and constituents nationwide to help score a “landslide” win, set up a post-election government of their own and finally pave the way for his returning home from self-exile overseas.

But none of those politicians has so far appeared to care much about the people, their chronic poverty and economic woes or social disparity, he remarked.


Top and Front Page: Former House Speaker Arthit Ourairat. Photos: Matichon Weekly

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